ILCRA Advertising Policy


(Effective June 1, 2011)

No advertisement submitted to ILCRA for publication may be false, misleading, deceptive, in poor taste, or contrary to the purposes and objectives of ILCRA.  ILCRA has the right to refuse advertising from any vendor whose activities are contrary to the ILCRA Code of Professional Ethics.

  1. The ILCRA logo may be used by an individual or entity who is a member in good standing of the Illinois Court Reporters Association.
  2. ILCRA will not publish advertisements that indicate a preference in terms of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.
  3. An individual shorthand reporter may advertise his/her court reporting, CART, or broadcast captioning services if he/she is a member in good standing.
  4. A copy of this Advertising Policy and a copy of the ILCRA Code of Professional Ethics shall be given to each person or entity that submits an advertisement for publication with ILCRA.  The person or firm submitting the advertisement must (a) certify that such advertisement complies with the above requirements; (b) agree to provide, upon request, satisfactory proof that the above requirements are satisfied; and (c) must agree to be bound by and follow the ILCRA Code of Professional Ethics.
  5. ILCRA retains the right to reject any advertisement submitted for publication if, in its judgment, such advertisement does not meet all of the requirements specified in this Advertising Policy or if the activities of the person or firm submitting such advertisement are contrary to the purposes and objectives of ILCRA or violate the ILCRA Code of Professional Ethics.

This advertising policy shall be applicable to all ILCRA-associated publications or events, including, but not limited to, print advertisements, website advertisements, event sponsorships, PSL listings, job bank entries and convention vendors and will take effect with any new advertisements placed as of the effective date listed above.